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Project Description

M A Z D A 6

Debuting in 2012 as the flagship model in Mazda’s new-generation product lineup, Mazda6 gave form to the Takeri concept car and is a pure expression of Mazda’s KODO design language.  The design fused intellect, elegance and an emotional, dynamic shape to realize a strong presence as the flagship model.  Particular effort was dedicated to further polishing Mazda6’s award-winning design and to creating a deeper, stronger design expression.  This includes the added texture and enhanced three-dimensionality of the front grille and signature wing; the strong sense of vitality of the new headlamps that look like eyes gazing straight ahead; and the new design expression created by the signature wing illumination. While the sophisticated air born of KODO design remains, the refreshed Mazda6 marks an evolution to a bolder and more elegant expression that lends it stronger presence as the flagship model and clearly conveys the further evolution of the brand.